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multiplier n : the number by which a multiplicand is multiplied [syn: multiplier factor]

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  1. A number by which another (the multiplicand) is to be multiplied.
  2. A ratio used to estimate total economic effect for a variety of economic activities.





  1. To multiply
  2. To multiply (get larger)
  3. To multiply (get larger)


fr-conj-ier multipl

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The term multiplier may refer to:
In electrical engineering:
In macroeconomics:
  • Multiplier (economics), an effect that occurs when a change in spending causes a disproportionate change in aggregate demand.
  • Money multiplier, a term that represents the maximum amount of money that the banking system generates with each dollar of excess reserves.
In warfare:
  • Force multiplier, a factor that dramatically increases the combat-effectiveness of a given military force.
In mathematics:
  • Lagrange multiplier, a scalar variable used in mathematics to solve an optimisation problem for a given constraint.
  • multiplier (Fourier analysis), an operator that multiplies the Fourier coefficients of a function by a specified function (known as the symbol).
In fishing:
  • A multiplier fishing reel creates less friction when casting.
In clock signal:
  • A CPU multiplier allows a CPU to perform more cycles per single cycle of the front side bus.
In lotteries
  • The PowerPlay is a multiplier for the lower-tier prizes in the US Powerball game. In the rival Mega Millions game, it exists only in Texas, and is known as the Megaplier. Some lotteries that sell Powerball also offer Hot Lotto; whose Sizzler is available in 12 of its 13 jurisdictions.
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